About Larry Bullard

Larry Bullard serves his local and broader community in many ways. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Peter S. Knox Conference Center, he uses his skills as a businessman and event planner to help bring businesspeople, church congregations, families, and members of the community together. The center can accommodate up to 200 people, and offers a bridal suite. Along with hosting the aforementioned events and functions, the Peter S. Knox Conference Center also serves as a home base for ACTS Community Network, a recovery program founded by Larry Bullard. In ACTS, Larry Bullard formulated a program based on the principle that change within the heart leads to changed behaviors. Helping people who struggle with the afflictions of shame, pain, and addictions, ACTS uses small groups, worship, and testimonies, as well as the Eight Principles of the Beatitudes to share the message of Jesus Christ and help people reform their lives.

Outside of his responsibilities with ACTS and the conference center, Larry Bullard works as a traveling motivational speaker and life coach. His LIFE Seminars focus on opportunities and challenges related to personal and professional growth as well as development through subjects such as communication, leadership, time management, sales, customer service, goal setting, and relationships. As a natural extension of his mission to help others improve their lives, Larry Bullard mentors young men who have entered the ministry, and he acts as a trainer for “Shape” Ministries.

Dedicated to projects that impact his community, Larry Bullard has also given his time and energy to provide an annual Easter egg hunt for his entire community and to the Hale House Foundation, Inc., a rehabilitation home where he offers mentoring. In another instance, he gave his time to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Larry Bullard and a team of 42 others took several trips to disaster-struck areas and provided assistance to 360 families.


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